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Ballerina Princess & Unicorn cookies

Ballerina Princess & Unicorn cookies




ONE class. TWO adorable characters. Dozens of new techniques and knowledge in this 46-minute video.


What's in this video class?
- How to cut out a cookie WITHOUT A CUTTER
- How to mix the royal icing
- Royal icing consistencies: all about FLOOD, MEDIUM and PIPING consistencies!

- PIPING consistency: learn how to mix it and all your characters will have perfect faces!
- HOW TO make a perfect face color royal icing

- Using a PROJECTOR to transfer an image onto the cookie.
- Painting on a cookie with gel colorings

- Decorating with glitter dust

- Adding a blush with petal dust
- Shadows & Highlights


You need to have a projector (ANY brand) and some experience in cookie decorating to follow all instructions. 


These are made with my honey shortbread dough recipe (click here to buy it for $4 only!) The most moisture and flavoury cookies, a great choice for decorating!



  • How it works

    After purchasing this recipe, you will be taken to the download page. A .doc file  with a link to the video class will also be sent to your email addres.

    You can open and store a document with a link on your device once you download it. You have 30 days to download the file.

  • Terms

    By purchasing this video class, you are agreeing to the following: This is a royalty free recipe & my intellectual property. You are free to make this finished product for sale. You may not sell or transfer the recipe to someone else. Please refer them to the listing to purchase their own recipe.

  • Refund policy

    Due to this being an online, instant downloadable product, all sales are final. No refunds, exchanges or cancellations will be given.

    But please contact us if you have any problems with a class.

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