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A set of six 4th of July cookies (Beginners)

A set of six 4th of July cookies (Beginners)


SIX 4th of July cookies for beginners!


Learn how to decorate a perfect cookie gift for Independence Day:

1 Stars& Stripes heart cookie

1 Patriotic hat cookie

1 Stripes bow cookie

1 patriotic cupcake cookie

1 AIRBRUSHED Independence day ice cream cookie (you can skip the airbrushing part, it's just optional)

1 Red, White and Blue SWIRL cookie (we'll work with stiff consistency icing and a tip!)

My first online class FOR BEGINNERS!


What do we learn in this 62 -minute step-by-step video class? A LOT!
- How to cut out a cookie WITHOUT A CUTTER
- How to mix the royal icing
- 3 main icing consistencies
- HOW TO COLOR Royal icing with different colorings. 

- How to flood and outline cookies

- How to use confetti sprinkles

- How to airbrush cookies (optional)

- How to use a closed star tip and do an amazing cookie swirl!


You DON'T need A PROJECTOR for this class. Airbrush machine is optional only if you want to give it a try. You'll have a great set of 4th of July cookies without the airbrushing too, no worries!


  • Type of a cookie: chocolate cookie & honey shortbread (click on the text to buy video recipes) 
  • Great for: BEGINNERS, home bakers, people who want to learn the basics & interested in new festive designs
  • New techniques: 1) cookie swirl; 2) how to do a realistic  ice cream cone; 3) how to make the American flag
  • You will need: a food marker;3 food colorings: blue, red and beige/ivory/brown; 4th of July confetti sprinkles (star-shaped);; tipless bags; a closed star tip; a skewer;   /airbrush machine & beige/brown liquid coloring (optional)/


Once you buy this online class, you can download it to your computer and It's forever available for you. 

Learn from anywhere, on any device, at any time.



  • File Format

    Format of the videos is .zip

    You can open and store them on your computer once you download them to our computer. You have 30 days to download the file.

    Need help opening the .zip file?

    Here's the help!

    Zip for Windows:

    Zip for Mac computers:

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