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How to cut out a cookie without a cutter

You often ask me this question, and I think it's now finally time to expain you why I'm not a big fan of bying all-cutters-in-the-world.

First of all, because through last 6 years of everyday cookie decorating,I found a way to hand-cut cookies quite quickly.

And yay! - now it's time to share this way with you!

And secondly, I did lots of cookies last few years - up to 300 cookies a week, so if I buy a cutter for each shape, I won't have space to store all of them (and no money either:))

That's why I have this rule: if I made more then 30 cookie shapes per month, I buy/ custom order a cutter for this shape. If no, I continue hand-cutting.

Check out this video from my YouTube channel showing how to do it

So... now you've seen the video and you know what to do!

1) Found all shapes/ characters for all cookies you're going to make. I usually just google and look for themed clipart.

2) Print them out (a template for the LOL Dolls from the video is attached in the end of this post)

3) Cut out a paper shape. Don't make it too narrow, because when you bake & decorate the cookie, this narrow parts can break

4) Roll out the dough and flour it (so the paper templetes won't stick)

5) Cut out a cookie using a pizza knife.Try to be as close to the template as possible. Edges won't look smooth at this momnt, no worries.

6) Use a spatula or a small kitchen knife to push the dough back to the edges and to trim the final shape of a cookie.

Remeber, that some dough "grow" in the oven and other don't so don't place cookies too close to each other in case they change a shape.

Click here to DOWNLOAD a template from the video:

LOL DOLL cookies: hand-cut and hand-decorated

You can learn how to decorate two of this doll cookies following my 49-minute online class:

Hope you find this kind of blog posts helpful for you!

If you have some further questions, please ask!

Have a great end of the week and happy baking!



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