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Glossy Royal Icing Secret

How to Make Icing Shiny & Glossy After It's Dried? I received this question... well, it feels like a thousand times and so I decided to share some of my tips on how to achieve it with you. ✅Remember, it’s normal for icing to become matte once it dries- that’s how it should be! But these are the main things that give this glossy finish to the cookies: ✨ icing recipe: the icing that you use should be FRESH & should be made correctly. ✨ when you color&mix your icing, don’t add too much food colorings into it. When you decorate with, let’s say, black colored icing, it’s almost impossible to have it shiny after it dries

❗️BUT - there’s another way to have really glossy bright colored cookies! Read till the end & you’ll learn the way to do that! ✨once you flooded the cookie, you need to dry it asap! Here are a few ways: - in an oven: use the lowest temperature setting (95-105F). Better if you have a convection oven so you could have the fan going. Don’t close the oven door. - in a dehydrator- choose the lowest temperature and put cookies inside for the same amount of time. - with a table fan - not my favorite way, but better then nothing. ✨ ...and finally- my favorite way! Flood a cookie with fresh white icing, let it dry for 5-10 minutes, then color it using an airbrush- and then dry it in an oven/dehydration/other way. As for me, that’s the best way to get glossy cookies. I hope this post will help you! If so, please let me know in comments if you want me to do more informative posts like that.

Check out more videos showing how glossyroyal icing cookies could be (if you follow these instructions) here:


-Tanya 💋

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1 Comment

Mar 12, 2018

So happy that you finally started blogging! Can't wait for more posts to come!

With love from New Orleans,

- Tae

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