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Gingerbread. All you need to know about this cookie flavor

This weekend I uploaded a new cookie dough recipe class to my online school - and I was so surprised how much you loved it& how many times you downloaded it, so I decided to tell you a little bit more about my gingerbread dough recipe.

1. Customers' reviews

When I opened my first cookie decorating studio in Russia, that was the only cookie flavor I had. Russians like this traditional taste & amazing smell so I kept decorating only this flavor all year long for almost 4 years.

Then I moved to Los Angeles and opened a studio here. Of course, for Americans gingerbread almost = holiday season so after the first 2 months here I added 3 more flavors to my shop, but this amazing gingerbread dough flavor is still the favorite one for many-many of my customers.

Especially for the first customers, who ordered cookies from me when I didn't give them other flavor

choices - and they were so surprised to find that these gingerbread cookies so delicious. So all the first reviews in my shop (it's currently close as I am not taking orders now) are regarding gingerbread.

2. My gingerbread recipe origin

So.. my recipe is a traditional Russian (and basicly, East European) gingerbread dough recipe, modified by me. Ingredients include honey, 4 spices (ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom). These cookies are crisp enough to snap in half, but tender and ever so slightly chewy when you take a bite. The spice level is moderate — there's flavor to make you pay attention, but this is still a cookie you'll be happy to have for dessert.

3. Great for decorating and making gingerbread houses

They are great for decorating & "structural" enugh to make gingerbread houses out of them.

When I have Gingerbread house cookie decorating classes (an online class on that is coming up soon!), I always use this recipe - and my students love it!

4. Try my gingerbread recipe for only $2!

Want to try it out? Click here to buy a 7-minute long step-by-step gingerbread dough recipe!

Download it class to your device and learn from anywhere, at any time!

Let me know in comments if you have any questions & share your thoughts about your favourite cookie flavors.

Thanks for reading!



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