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Food Colorings: part 1. Gel food colorings.

Today I decided to share my knowledge about one of the most interesting themes- food colorings. You ask my opinion about this very often,so let’s start!

First type of food colorings- GEL COLORINGS

I gel colorings to:

1. Color the icing

When I color the icing, 9 times out of 10 I use gel colorings. Sometimes I do use airbrush colorings for that, but not very often because it makes icing more watery.

❗️Be very careful with the amount of gel coloring you add to the icing as it gets darker when in dries! Especially red, brown & black colors❗️

2️. Paint on iced cookies using gel colorings.

I prefer painting on dried icing using gel colorings and water instead of liquid airbrush colorings. I feel like it gives a better, more vivid color and not so transparent. The only thing you need to remember is that EVERY TIME your synthetic brush touches a gel coloring, you need to mix it with water on a palette . Otherwise it’ll be like oil paints and the area you colored will be forever sticky and will almost never dry. So make sure that you mixed gel coloring with water before you touched a cookie and started to paint on it.

❗️Brand I love Americolor. It’s just my personal preference as it was the very first food coloring brand I tried when I started to decorate cookies 6 years ago. Try other brands- I know that many decorators love Chefmaster, Wilton colorings and other.

❗️White food coloring I’m completely in love with Wilton’s white coloring (White White Icing Color) - that’s the only white I really enjoy using. I paint & highlight with it, I add it when I need to do some pastel colors (for example, Americolor’s bright pink+ Wilton’s White White make peerfect baby pink).Don’t airbrush with it as it’s still a gel coloring and mix it with a lot of water to paint with it.

Next time I’ll share my #talecookies_secrets about airbrush food colorings. So there’ll be parts 2,3 etc of this post about food colorings for sure! Are you interested in learning more about that?

...If you have some interesting theme in mind you want me to explain? Let me know in comments!



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