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Airbrush colorings: questions & answers

Today I’m sharing my #talecookies_secrets about AIRBRUSH COLORINGS with you!

Read untill the end to learn a money-saving life hack I use all the time!

Airbrush food colorings (AC) are liquid based food colorings that were made to airbrush with them. 

Another great way to use AC is to paint with them directly onto the cookie/royal icing/ fondant. They don’t need to be thinned down with alcohol as they are liquid based already. Add vodka only if you want to hammer a more transparent color.

Now a few of the most popular questions you ask me about AC and my answers.

Q: Can I use AC as gel colorings (to color

icing with them)?

A: Sure you can! There are only 2 things you should keep in mind: 1. AC thin your icing. So the more AC you add into the icing, more watery it’ll be. Which means that once you get the right color, you’ll need to focus your attention on icing consistency & probably add more confectionery sugar then usually. 2. Gel colorings give better, more vivid colors. If you need a bright color, you’ll need to add more airbrush coloring then a gel one

Q: Can I use gel colorings to airbrush with them?

A: Basically, you can use gel colorings thinned down with vodka to airbrush with them. I wouldn’t recommend that for all the colors but if you’re out of a particular AC you need and you have a gel one, go ahead and try this method. It might take a while to get gel/ paste colorings completely dissolved (use a paint brush to do that) so there’s a big chance of the lumps that would clog your airbrush machine. If you spend enough time on dissolving- this way will work

Q: Is there a point in buying SHEEN airbrush colorings ?

A: I love the set of 12 airbrush colorings from Americolor that give a metallic touch to your sweets. The best things are that their gold, silver, etc are 100% edible, FDA approved and they don’t clog the airbrush machine.

My life hack is to buy only 4 main colors: gold sheen, silver sheen, pearl sheen and bronze sheen(if needed) and mix the rest of the set by yourself.

For example, if you’re in need of:

- Red sheen color = red red amerimist + pearl amerimist 

- Blue sheen color = Sky blue amerimist + silver or pearl amerimist

I even make copper sheen color by myself as I use it reeeeeeally rear: 

- Copper sheen= gold sheen + bronze sheen + a drop of red/orange amerimist if needed 

❗️Don’t try to color the icing with these sheen colors, they won’t give the proper color- they are spray-on colorings only❗️

Do you still have questions about airbrush colorings, guys? Did this post helped to clarify some of them? Ask me any cookie decorating related questions in comments and I’ll answer/ write a post on them! 

Thanks for reading! 

- Tanya 

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